NYC Mayor Appoints a Nightlife Ambassador

New York City is out to get an ambassador for who would be the advocate for nightlife and music.  

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City has announced his intentions to have an ambassador who would be working as the advocate for music and nightlife in NYC.  The main goal of this is part of the 10-year economic plan of the local government which aims at giving a well-paying job and investing in new industries.

We all know that NYC is the city that never sleeps.  Keeping the nightlife alive will account to this and will definitely bring extra income to the city and helped the people for having a job to add on to their family income.

The idea of bringing the ambassador for nightlife and music had a basis from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.  According to their study, 20% of the small venues and pubs in NYC had closed in the last 15 yrs.

Many small time players in the business of bars and restaurants have either relocated or closed shops due to the impact of high rents.  This has become a major problem in the city which also caused a major setback on the city’s income.

New York City, a city that doesn’t sleep should live up to its name. The local government through the Mayor’s office to try to redesign the city’s image of nightlife.  

Nightlife isn’t just about eating and dining.  Nightlife will now be associated with music.  We bring back the nightlife in NYC through music.  Music will be the lifeline of the nightlife in New York.

The creation of a Nightlife Ambassador will thoroughly guide the business owners on how to run their businesses to keep it at par with the others in terms of excellence.

In lieu of this Nightlife Ambassador, the city council is bound to meet to augment some of the laws which aim to loosen up a bit some of the city ordinances which will take this campaign on to a greater height.

Some of these are making drinking in public and public urination a civil offense and no longer criminal ones like before.  This legislation will aim to let the people hang out a bit and feel comfortable staying late at night.

The role of the Nightlife Ambassador is to serve as the advocate for the nightlife and music community.  The advocate will support the licensing and permit and sometimes provide legal support and financing on architectural and safety improvements.

The Nightlife  Ambassador will oversee that the nightlife business will run smoothly and work to avoid complaints on noise and any untoward incidents during the night time.

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