Best Piano Bar in NYC

If you’re looking for an awesome piano in NYC, you have got to check out our favorite piano bar in the Upper East Side, Brandy’s piano bar. They’ve actually called us a few time to help move their pianos in and out of their place. It’s no surprise because we’re the best piano movers in nyc!  We just absolutely adore this place. Actually, we have a recording from one of our nights hanging out there after a long day of moving pianos. There’s nothing like going to the piano bar after moving pianos all day. You all need to check it out cause it’s absolutely an amazing place and has great acoustics.



If you’re ever looking for a piano that needs to moved in NYC, you have to give us a call. We provide the best service for all our customers at prices that are affordable. Whether it’s a grand piano, baby grand, or just an upright we move it all. if you want to learn more about what kind of piano you have, check this page out.

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