Best Piano Bar in NYC

If you’re looking for an awesome piano in NYC, you have got to check out our favorite piano bar in the Upper East Side, Brandy’s piano bar. They’ve actually called us a few time to help move their pianos in and out of their place. It’s no surprise because we’re the best piano movers in […]

5 Tips to Saving Money When Renting a Truck

To start with, you should become familiar with the weight and capacity of your moving truck and take note of the weight o1. Anytime families pack upwards their belongings and venture to the other city to initiate a new lifetime, that they almost constantly use a moving truck. Loading these shifting trucks is not as […]

10 Tips to Moving Your Car Across State Lines

Here are some awesome tips when you’re planning to move across state lines and need have your car moved. We unfortunately are only nyc piano movers, which means we only move within the city of New York. But hope these tips will help you. 1. In case you need a specific date for delivery because […]

10 Moving Tips For NYC

    Enjoy these tips from piano movers nyc! We found this hilarious video about why it’s so horrible to move in NYC and our top ten moving tips so you won’t have do go through what these girls did.1. You Don’t Have to Pay Full Freight. A cross-country move for a three-bedroom home can […]

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